Starbucks’ Social Side

In my whole life I have maybe only been three times to a Starbucks Coffee shop. In my opinion they ¬†sell coffee for way too high prices. So, I never really felt the urge to buy coffee in a Starbucks as I maybe do with Hamburgers when I pass a McDonald’S or a Burger King.

But while researching a bit on corporate social responsbility I stumbled upon this company’s name frequently, hence, I got interested.

According to their website, Starbucks Coffee attaches great value to the sustainability of their products and only use raw material from certified suppliers and responsible farms.

Additionally, they also thrive to help the communities where their stores are located. Consequently, they cooperate with numerous non-profit organizations in more than 10,000 projects around the world, that I don’t want all to list here. Therefore they get support from more than 71,000 volunteers.

Noticing this I now have gained a slighly more positive view of the company, that I before just have seen as a provider of over-priced coffee.