Social Media – Friends, Trends .. and Jobs?

Because of the restrained German economy in 2012 the job market was recently not very offensively. But the perspective for the next 5 years are all in all increasing!

Recent surveys show that the educational level still plays a crucial role for recruiting. Employers prefer Master degrees with more than 86% whereas Bachelor degrees are only demanded by 38%. To attract graduates of Generation Y a lot of employers have changed their handling concerning the junior staff. To mention is here of course the recruiting trend towards Social Media.

The “Social Media Recruiting Studie 2012 von Deutschland” compares the popularity of social media with the traditional ways of recruiting. One can say, that especially the use of the Internet in total has gained a lot of importance. 84% of German companies operate HR websites as well as online job boards. The number of companies using Social Media has increased in the last years to a percentage of 74% whereas recruiting via print is only used by 45% of the companies. Stefan Schär of Social Media Schweiz invigorates this by emphasizing the advantage of using Social Media to receive a more authentic insight into a company which doesn\’t work as good using print. To continue, further Social Media extension plans are already made by 2/3 of German companies for the year 2013.

As the 2nd prevalent platform right after Xing(68%), 65% of companies use Facebook for searching and communicating with potential employees. “The connection barrier between employer and employee has reduced and it is easier to build up business relations.” states Schär.

To mention another point of view: “Indeed Facebook is established as a recruiting channel but nevertheless it is still way far from being professionalized!” claims Jan Kirchner, partner of the digital agency Atenta. This statement probably refers to is the insufficient upkeeping of most of the firm\’s fan pages. Recently, it is enormously criticized that after the “Facebook Recruiting Study 2012”, 46,7% of the companies show no reaction to fan activities on their pages at all!

But on the other hand there is still high potential for improvement. To present one\’s company with videos or pictures on Facebook is one possibility that already exists and another that was introduced lately is the Emplido- Facebook App for applicants which includes filtering one\’s strengths and looking for valuable connections for professional success to help you find a job. A further project which Facebook is planning on is the introduction of a meta-job board to focus more intensively on the Social Media recruiting trend.

In the view of Alexander Senn of KPMG, Social Media should just serve as a primary source of information or as a leverage but will never replace the personal contact.


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