Putting the cherry on the cake

“Being realistic is the most common road to mediocrity. Why would you be realistic? What\’s the point? It just puts up a barrier”

I really liked that quote by Will Smith when I read it. Always trying to be perfect is not always perfect. It puts yourself in a square which excludes creativity and often personality.

That\’s the same thing when you apply for a job for example. Usually you have your application pattern with which every application looks pretty much the same and doesn\’t really tell something about your personality. Career advisors always tell that you have to be outstanding so that personal managers will observe you between all the other applicants.

That\’s actually what a few people did lately:

A woman portrayed her Facebook addiction in order to get an internship at Daimler\’s social media department. And it worked! An other example is a guy who sent in an application photo which shows him lolling around – dressed like Pamela Anderson. Even this crazy guy got hired by an ad agency and is now employed as their creative director.

To just include an other example: If Ben Franklin wouldn\’t have “crossed the borders of the square” and wanted to enforce his crazy idea of delivering mails between colonies at night – which was inconceivable in this time – our today\’s mail system may not exist.

See, sometimes it is important to not behave like mediocrity! BUT you shouldn\’t overdo it! And you should first look at where you apply.

Frank Smith, personal marketing boss of Lufthansa, states that a lot of companies are not interested in exceptional applications. “Last year we had over 150000 applications floating in, that\’s why we have to focus on skills and don\’t have the time for more complex applications.”

Relating to this Jürgen Hesse, application trainee and author, invokes:”Determining is the special idea!”. Sure you shouldn\’t be too happy to try out crazy things applying for conservative companies. Nevertheless the whole range of possibilities should be exploited of its full potential. “What about writing the application in landscape format. That\’s different and still legitimate.” proposes Hesse.

So why not being a little creative and exceptional in this world where perfection seems to be pressuring and personality underestimated?

One thought on “Putting the cherry on the cake

  1. Hey,
    like the examples alot but still I think I wouldn’t dare to apply with an overly funny photo or something similar but write a conservative application.
    On the other hand just recently I updated my CV and some other documents and I realized how static and undynamic the texts were. So I tried to change that by altering the sentence structure and accentuating cetain points.
    How do you cope with perfectionism?

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