Hotels seeking for graduates

With over 72,4 million jobs within the hotel industry in 2012 the hospitality sector is the fastest growing industry in the world. Globalization and the increased importance of e-commerce, various new job opportunities and careers have emerged within the industry. This development also leads to an increased demand for graduates, which is especially interesting for us as students.

What is needed to become part of this fast-paced industry

Nevertheless, hands-on-learning is essential within this special industry, so one should always catch the opportunity for real-life experience. Several studies in the industry have shown that there are four main skills within hospitality, which are „oral and written communication skills, supervising skills (staff motivation and training), ability to engender customer satisfaction and service skills“.
Also important, and interesting for a business application group, the role of technology becomes more and more important, which leads to the conclusion that being able to handle the current technology should be one of your skills when being part of the management in a hotel.
In an interview with the New York Times Ana Silva O’Reilly (travel blogger and marketing consultant) reported on her experience in the Four Seasons Hotel in Milan. Soon after posting on Twitter that she would be checking into the hotel, she received a message from the hotel stating that they were looking forward for her arrival. “I know hotels do it all for my loyalty and my money, but it does feel welcoming when they contact me,” she said.
Being able to find new and innovative ways to delight customers is thus also an important skill.

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