Salesman on stage in “How to get a job”


A lot of people study business or sales but when it comes to finding a job it is most often a pain in the butt and they forget about all the things they\’ve learned. But those things you\’ve learned in business school are actually so easy to transfer to “real life”… for instance when you are searching a job! That\’s why I want to share my knowledge and my research solutions with you and show you 3 main aspects you should be aware of while looking for a job!

1) Pipeline Principle

When you begin you should take the pipeline management into consideration. This refers in the business world to a cross-project management which means that you do multiple things with the same objective. To transfer it now to our job search: You should work more efficiently and save time and you do work which is similar, which has the same objective, parallel. It is like a funnel: In the beginning you need o lot of job opportunities to actually get one.

2) Sell yourself!

As a salesman you know how to sell products of any kind, you get taught to do that all the time! But why is this behavior mostly also forgotten when it comes to a job interview? What is important? You are the product which needs to be sold to the buyer who is the interviewer! What is the interviewer looking for? (e.g.: a child is rather looking for toys than for a lawnmower!) What is relevant for them and how can you best promote your skills and experiences? To find that out it might also be good to know how to do research and find useful information via internet.

3) Always a step further

When you set up a business talk or meeting or even when you just write a mail, it always has a reason behind it and already a next step in focus. One would probably ask for meetings, conferences or further collaboration. In the job world it should be the same. Why should you just send your documents without asking directly for an interview? Or when you already had an interview you could also model it like the career expert Dana Manciagli suggests:”I am eager to hear the next step in your hiring process and am more passionate than ever about the position we discussed. I want to work for you.”

I hope this little excursion has helped you a little bit or reminded you at some stuff you\’ve probably heard of .. or it may also gave you a hint to sometimes listen to teachers when they talk because it could be from time to time very useful!

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