80,2 million, not 81,7 million

After reading the advices at C – Webwork for the 5th of July I saw Hans Roslings Tweet from the 1st of June 2013:

“Germany has 1.5 Million fewer people than reported and hence higher CO2 emission per person than reported”.

What does that mean, I asked myself shortly after I read his tweet. I clicked on the link next to it, which showed an article by the New York Times.

So after this I read some more about this topic, I saw that the claims were confirmed by several media instisutions and also the German Federal Statistical Office.

It I started to ask myself what kind of consequences this will have?Mr. Roderich Egele who works at the German Federal Statistical Office says that one of the consequences will be the federal states and also the municipalities have rechecking their accounts. 1,5 Million is a significant number It makes up 1,9 % of the population. Egele said that the European Union expects Germany to hand in a portfolio (census) on their poplation every 10 years.

The “Deutsche Welle” reported that recounting the numbers of the census it was found that 1,1 million less immigrant were actually living in Germany.
This can be explained with the  healthy migrant effect, Steffen Kröhnert a social scientist at the Berlin Institute for Population and Developmen claims:

“It turns out they had moved back to their home countries and were only living in the registries.”

To make a census is time consuming and especially financial consuming process. But nevertheless it has to be done. What I have noticed in my research is that many Germany are annoyed or even more upset about the fact that there has been wrong data about the outcome of the census. Many associate a huge amount of tax money with the census. Meaning that their taxes have been used for a research that came out with a wrong outcome.

It should be stressed that the census of 2011 was the first one to be done after the German reunification in 1990.


2 thoughts on “80,2 million, not 81,7 million

  1. What an interesting and very currrent post about statistics. I heard the same in the news some days ago. I wondered how to be really sure how many people are living in Germany? Two friends of mine were working for the Census to collect data in 2011 and at that time they were only taking some households to estimate a figure. The new number that came out now will probably change a lot of other german statistics which are based on a population number.. intersting to keep track of that!

  2. Yeah I know. I read lots of comments were “normal” people who are not involved in the census (the tax payers) are really upset about this. Especially if you consider that it is an expensive expenditure for our tax payers. Imagine what what your friend must have gotten as salary for working for the Federal Statistical Office…
    And imagine what the federal states must now do. Especially the once who are receiving money through the federal equalization reform… what a mess. I thought we Germans like to be presice… lol

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