Who says creativity and business must be antagonists?

Companies are built up with different people who are the heart of the success. Still it isn´t always easy to manage conflicts which can occur between them. Each person is creative in his own way and it is important to accept that. According to Patrick Maggitti, a business can only continue to drive positive changes in the world with the help of creativity as it has become an increasingly essential part of organizational success. Furthermore he points out that creativity is becoming more and more part of job descriptions.

But what does our society really know about creativity?

Creativity sounds to everybody like an amazing word. Yet the sticking point is knowing and finding out how to take advantage of it and benefit from it in the best way. Tina Seelig claims that our business world is obsessed with creativity and the great success that new startups such as Instagram have in bringing new ideas to life. Unfortunately not all firms experience the same success. Instead of strengthening the entrepreneurial spirit of their teams and organizations they end up increasing creativity by painting their walls and rearranging the furniture. According to Tina Seelig this of course could be a tiny starting point, but sadly none of these tactics are a method that work and guarantee success alone. Tina Seelig remembers us that creativity can only emerge together with other important skills like motivation and self-confidence.

What are we doing to foster it?

Since our society seems to realize how important and necessary creativity is, there are already some universities that have introduced courses on entrepreneurship and creative problem solving into their program. However Tina Steelig doubts that this cannot be a measure of improvement. She believes that by teaching creativity, young people can only get a small idea of what the human trait of creativity is but not why it is essential in our lives and workplace.

What is it that prevents us from being creative?

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