How Hans Rosling helped me

During the last BusApps class I realized that  I was not that interested in the topic of Gender Wage Gap as I thought I was. I had a talk with Mr. Bruce who had then told me that I should work on a topic that I would be more interested in. Since, I am a person who likes numbers. I am not an expert in mathematics nor am I a pro when it comes to solve for x and y. But I just like numbers, because the tell you more than you think!

I was amazed by the TED Talks presentation by a  Swedish professor for International Health named Hans Rosling, that deals with the global development on family development.

After I watched his presentation I decided to do some research about him: And that is what I came up with:

Hans Roslings’s career

Hans Rosling studied Medicine in India where he license to practice medicine. five years after he got his license he went to the north of Mozambique where he continued practicing.

During his time in Mozambique and also other African countries he explored a disease that would cause paralysis. For this he was given a Ph. D. from his former university in India. Hans Rosling spend a lot of time in Africa where he did many researches concerning common and local diseases, but also researches that dealt with economic developments in the agricultural and health sectors in Latin America, Africa and Asia. During his career he also studied Statistics for one semester.

Why am I interested?

I have to say that I am amazed by his work. Hans Rosling is a person who studies Medicine. Usually we would think of him as a doctor who spends his time in a hospital and helps to save life. But he actually went out of his box and was able to explore a new disease. He also did a lot of work on the topic of economic and health development in developing countries. It is really interesting for me to see what he has done with his life and how he took a different path than people who “just” study medicine.

I hope that I can find an interesting topic that he had dealt with, which enables me to go more into detail.


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