Corporate Social Responsibility or just a Marketing Tool?!

In today’s society it seems that one of the ugliest and most despicable things one can be called by one’s opponents is a “capitalist”. Probably since Karl Marx’s “The Capital” capitalism and “the capitalist” have been having slightly negative overtones. This discredit surely arose because capitalism is widely associated with a ruthless greed for money and wealth without regard of losses.

Therefore, today many companies have incorporated and are led after a certain code of ethics that shall define a company’s social agenda and moral believes. This code of ethics is also known as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and besides social aspects often also includes matters of environmental sustainability.

Certainly, many companies – huge multi-national corporations as well as SMEs – are truly dedicated to social equality, human rights and environment-friendly business processes. And often also see the necessity to “give something back to the society” in turn for the profits they make. But undoubtedly there are also firms that use the customers’ preference for sustainable and fair companies to develop clever marketing strategies that lead customers to believe whatever the firm wants them to believe.

Underneath, you can see two promotional videos published by the Coca Cola Company showing one of the many projects the firm undertakes.

After watching, please, let me know what you think about Coke’s campaigns and similar ones by other companies, below in the comments. 

Do they really show social commitment or only try to create an image?


5 thoughts on “Corporate Social Responsibility or just a Marketing Tool?!

  1. The first ad was recently done by Leo Burnett. I think it’s a great campaign that is both a marketing tool and a great example of corporate social responsibility. Are they leveraging off the public interest around the subject matter? Sure.

    Just because they have turned social responsibility in to a potentially profit building and awareness increasing endeavour doesn’t detract from the positive contribution they are making.


    • Thanks for the positive feedback on my post!

      I totally agree with you that firms like Coke shouldn’t be blamed for actively using such campaigns to attract attention not only onto the issue presented but also onto themselves.
      Personally, I even find it one of the most creative approaches to market oneself as it creates both emotions & identification with the brand but also the awareness for certain problems in the world.

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