How the web can change tourism

Did you remark that there are only about 2 months left until vacation time? And that already 21 % of all Germans booked their vacation online in 2010, as published by the Federal Statistical Office. In the age group that we, so our BusApps group is mainly in, so the age group between 16 and 24 years about 15 % booked their trips online. I already made several experiences and was never disappointed. I used,,, and some others. I find it quite convenient to be able to research myself about what hotels are available and what are really the cheapest flights and which times fit to my schedule the best. About 3 years ago I did an internship in a travel agency and from this experience I can tell that if you know a bit about how to do research on the web you are able to do the same job as they do there. So go ahead and try it, vacation is ahead!

Significant for all you students out there who want to see the world but can not afford expensive hotels..

The way that people go on vacation is said to change a lot in the coming years. Over the last years peer-to-peer booking websites gained more and more popularity. As sharing is a really hot topic at the moment, what impact does it possibly have on the hotel industry?

These peer-to-peer or even sharing platforms allow the travellers to individually book a private accommodation directly from the one who owns the residence. Mostly this is cheaper that staying in a hotel, in some cases as couch surfing for example it comes even without any costs.

These booking platforms until now rather stayed a place where backpackers that are looking for some adventure have the possibility to find a cheap place to stay and might even be able to meet some new people. For business people it is however lacking the amenities of a usual hotel, however there are more and more high end accommodations in this market. Even though these pages become more and more prominent, the total share that they occupy is still insignificantly low.

Douglas Quinby, who analyzes these peer-to-peer networks as he works as a principal analyst for PhoCusWright says that “There may be some incremental leakages, but we don’t see it as being anything really substantial”. However the hospitality world agrees that one should not underrate the speed at which those developments can take place.

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