What are lately smartphone users looking for? How

What are lately smartphone users looking for?

How does the value of Apple products like Iphones change in the next years? After Michael McQueen, a social researcher who also delved into this theme, preferences and tastes of Gen Y will diverge away from the now leading trendsetters within the next 5 years.

A huge problem McQueen points out is that Apple for example focused more on business rather than on the lifestyle market of potential customers. Additionally Apple also faces a problem of hubris because of its apparently never ending success of the last years.

Concerning the younger generation which should be addressed as potential new customers or even the younger customers which should be kept as already existing customers are not addressed adequately by the classical super high tech devices, McQueen blames. The generation and the tastes are changing continuously, and even faster in the last years, but mostly products don\’t… at least as not as fast or pleasing. An other argument Leanna Kelly, a sociological US writer, invokes is that the new generation, the gen Y, is mostly concerned about themselves rather than about any brand which is “just cool at the moment”. That basically means that they care more about presenting themselves via sharing and creating their own content rather than paying much attention on the brand. Isn’t it that a lot of us just want to create an identity via their smartphones using facebook for instance to show pictures, to write down your biography or to localize themselves via linking. A nice quote she uses is: “You are what you share”. That’s one aspect which should be considered and added to the just technological and business conducted strategy of most companies.

Compared to Apple’s Iphone which faces a downturn, Samsung has lately reached numbers to be shown off! It’s mixture of engineering know-how, manufacturing strength and marketing savvy which lead Samsung’s profits to a record high of 76% on smartphone sales. The American Customer Satisfaction Index also proves that Apple Iphone scores decreased by 2% from 2012 to 2013 whereas Samsung’s score increased by 7%.


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