Vacation is ahead!

Did you remark that there are only about 2 months left until vacation time? And that already 21 % of all Germans booked their vacation online in 2010, as published by the Federal Statistical Office. In the age group that we, so our BusApps group is mainly in, so the age group between 16 and 24 years about 15 % booked their trips online. I already made several experiences and was never disappointed. I used,,, and some others. I find it quite convenient to be able to research myself about what hotels are available and what are really the cheapest flights and which times fit to my schedule the best. About 3 years ago I did an internship in a travel agency and from this experience I can tell that if you know a bit about how to do research on the web you are able to do the same job as they do there. So go ahead and try it, vacation is ahead!


(Source: ClassMum)

Who of you already booked a vacation via Internet (probably already booked for this summer), on which site did you book and where did you go?

One thought on “Vacation is ahead!

  1. I never went to a travel agency all my life. It is good to know, that they basically do the same as when i am looking for vacations. I always book flights and accomodation myself and mostly just use the website of that company. It always worked perfectly for me and i never had any problems! I once did a trip through scotland and mostly used hostelworld. Especially if you are booking while traveling it is very convenient as i was always able to only book one or two night in advance and i found some nice cosy little hostels.

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