Is the Iphone loosing popularity?

The blog post “Customers not as happy with iPhone as they were last year” by Shara Tibken and published in May 2013 on deals with the Ipone loosing good customer reputation. According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index, Apple still issues the best customer satisfaction. What Tibken now addresses is that although Apple is still the leader, it lost customer satisfaction of about 2% from 2012 till 2013. On a scale of 100 it is a decline from 83 to 81. Based on the American Customer Satisfaction Index, Tibken argues that companies like Nokia, Samsung and Motorola increased their customer satisfaction for up to 5% since last year.

2 thoughts on “Is the Iphone loosing popularity?

  1. I find this question a very interesting one as with the emergence and development of alternative OSs, such as Windows Phone or new Android versions, Apple’s iOS lost small but significant market share. It is obvious that competing producers of smartphones now have caught up with Apple and the iPhone had to give way on the winner’s podium for other smartphones (e.g. Samsung Galaxy S4) with better ratings (e.g. see Although Apple has always attached great value to the intuitiveness of their user interfaces the competitors succeed in adding more personalized and modifiable features to their OSs (see Windows Live Tiles).

  2. That’s a really interesting post! A lot of us probably thought that the fascination for Iphones would keep on increasing and increasing, right? There are so many other companies that took their part in the competition and are on the market with some really good, innovative and new stuff. Ok, I admit I still only love my old blackberry, just too fast. Lets see which will be the next company to introduce a new and revolutionary technique, probably you will tell us in your future post about?

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